iiTron’s GPS SatelliteMQ10 MQ10 GPS Vehicle Trackingis an in-vehicle Telematics unit. It monitors the vehicles’ location & condition and communicates this data via cellular Internet data service. It sports a highly sensitive SiRFstar III 20-channel GPS receiver for Vehicle Trackingoptimum location accuracy and a Quad-band GPRS transceiver for compliance with world-wide cellular data services. Various serial and parallel interfaces are provided for customer applications. An optional build-inRemote Vehicle Bus Data Li-Ion battery provides for backup power in case of tampering. An optional CAN Vehicle Bus interface allows access to the vehicle’s vital data, such as the engine conditions and fuel consumption.

• 20-channel -159dBm SiRFstar III GPS Receiver
• Low Power consumption and standby mode with various wake-up sources
• Quad-Band GPRS Cellular Modem
• Vibration Sensor
• RS232 Serial Port
• 256kbyte till 4Mbyte Internal Data Storage
• 9 GPIO ports; 5 Inputs and 4 Outputs
• Robust & Compact Design
• Embedded uCLinux OS
• CAN Vehicle Bus Interface
• Wide Operating Voltage Range: 7~36VDC
• Fleet-Management Applications compatible
• Build-In Li-Ion Battery
• Fleet-Security Applications compatible

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